Beneficiary: Focșani County - Period: 2012-2015
Within both projects, we executed the cogeneration installation consisting of thermal internal combustion engines for natural gas, in a generating set.

The additional works consisted of:

  • execution of a raw water chemical treatment unit by producing demineralised, softened, osmotised water;
  • a purging unit for used technological waters;
  • two degassed water production units;
  • fire station;
  • pumping stations and heating networks;
  • transformation electric station for internal services, consisting of two transformation units;
  • retrofit for average voltage cells pertaining to new installations;
  • natural gas pressure boost station for the cogeneration equipment;
  • fuel oil pumping station for the dual burners from CAF and CA which also work with fuel oil if the natural gas supply is not available;
  • process command and control system to monitor all the installations pertaining to the new power source;
  • continuous monitoring equipment for the smoke evacuated through chimneys as a result of fuel combustion;
  • technological connected installations pertaining to the constructions, HVAC, sanitary, illumination and sockets, fire detection and warning, gas detection, compressed air.